Meet Aradhana

Hi Beautiful, Thank you for dropping by. My name is Aradhana and I am blessed to be living my life purpose of empowering women to live their best life. I am so glad you found me, and I look forward to sharing my story with you.

I was born in India and migrated to Australia at a very young age. I grew up in Melbourne during the 90s when being a person of colour and having an uncommon name made me the target to harmful classroom jokes. 

As if that wasn’t enough, being the only girl amongst our family friends, meant I was always alone. I love reading, writing, music and movies. So, I spent most of my time either reading a book or listening to music. This meant I had to quickly learn to enjoy being happy on my own which was fine until I started uni and all my friends were going out without me....

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Being alone so often triggered feelings of rejection, low self esteem and a fear of failure.


During my 20s and early 30s I made every effort to FIT IN by becoming a people pleaser and a perfectionist. I just wanted to be accepted and be invited out with everyone else. 

Unfortunately, I experienced severe depression for many years because people pleasing meant I was not able to be my true self and do the things that made me happy.  

This is when I found comfort in food, retail therapy and searched for love in romantic relationships. The relationships never gave me the comfort I was looking for and neither did the chocolate or the new handbag.

My rock bottom came when my partner’s love for alcohol was stronger than his love for me. It wasn’t the first relationship where I wasn’t treated well, but it was definitely the relationship that broke me and taught me the importance of SELF LOVE and SELF CARE.


Giving up on my dreams was NEVER an option!


Being genuinely happy was always going to happen, I just needed to be ready to catch all the blessings coming my way. And I am so glad I had my arms wide open with a heartfelt thank you to receive them.


Thankfully with the guidance of my beautiful coach I found happiness and reconnected with the things that bring me joy. These days you can find me at the beach, watching a comedy, in a meditation/yoga class or dancing in my lounge room to my favourite song. I have finally learnt to love my own company and become my own best friend.  

AND I am now surrounded by loving people and have wonderful relationships with my family and friends. 

Overcoming the fear of rejection, through forgiveness, acceptance and letting go has given me the freedom and happiness I was searching for this whole time.  

I am so glad I was guided to my life purpose during meditation one morning. I now see the silver lining to my struggles and know I had to go through them so I could share this knowledge and help empower other women to live their best life. 

I feel so blessed to have a coaching qualification from IIN which has armed me with amazing tools that I teach my clients and use daily. I have learnt that self love and an abundance mindset is all we really need to live a happy and empowered life.

By using the abundance mindset tools myself daily I have also manifested a beautiful home near the beach, have a career I love, and drive my dream car.

Are you looking to turn your life around? Let's chat! Get in touch with me below to book a free consult. l look forward to sharing these tools with you and helping you build a life-long abundance mindset.